This Hugely Popular ‘Making A Murderer’ Theory Is Absolutely Nuts

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01.21.16 19 Comments

If you’ve been hooked to Netflix’s Making a Murderer series, you’ve no doubt spent some time on the internet researching evidence not included in the series, more explanations for evidence that was contained within the series, and new developments in the case.

The internet is also full of theories surrounding the murder of Teresa Halbach, because no one really knows what happened on the night Halbach was murdered except for the person or persons who murdered her. Some of the theories are completely off the wall, while others make more sense. There’s the theory, for instance, that serial killer Edward Wayne Edwards may be behind the murder of Halbach, while some believe that Halbach’s brother, Mike, could’ve killed his sister. There’s even some who believe Halbach killed herself and the police used that opportunity to frame Steven Avery.

One theory that’s gained a lot of popularity began circulating on Reddit a few days ago. With 1,800 upvotes and comments at well over 1,000, the theory has clearly struck a nerve with viewers of the docu-series.

Why has it gained so much traction? Because if you don’t inspect it too closely, it makes some sense. Where it makes the most sense concerns the discovery of Halbach’s RAV4 in the Avery salvage yard, how the RAV4 key was planted in Avery’s house, and why Andrew Colburn called in Halbach’s license plate two days before the RAV4 is “officially discovered.”

The theory — which actually originated as a YouTube comment — suggests that Teresa’s brother, Mike, and her ex-boyfriend Ryan Hillegas, sneaked into the Avery salvage yard because they had suspicions that Steven Avery was involved in the murder of Teresa. There, they discovered Teresa’s RAV4, found the key, and Teresa’s blood in the cargo area. They freaked out, called the police, and Andrew Colburn fielded the call.

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