Laura Ricciardi And Moira Demos Defend Their Goals With ‘Making A Murderer’ On ‘The Daily Show’

Making A Murderer is a hot topic here to kick off the new year and it’s made Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos — the filmmakers behind the docuseries — popular guests around the morning and late-night talk-show circuit. It also helps that the series is being bombarded from all sides with new theories, criticism on its bias, and shocking revelations by those involved with the case. They’ve been forced to keep busy despite already spending 10 years making the series.

Their latest appearance was on Monday’s The Daily Show and Trevor Noah allowed the pair to defend the documentary and clarify their position on Steven Avery’s guilt. While it is understandable that the series would lean more on the defense, given their openness to the series, Deimos and Ricciardi claim to Noah that they didn’t set out to change the views on the case. An aspect that may be hard to believe given the response we’ve seen.

People do make up their own minds, though, and the documentary did not scream at people to sign a petition or search for new facts. That just seemed to happen given the point of view from the documentary. The interesting aspect is how both hold tight to the claim that they offered the prosecution and police a chance to be involved. They obviously declined, but it’s funny that Kratz apparently tried to subpoena their footage.

The best portion of the interview is the idea that Making A Murderer could become a series that focuses on different cases, moving away from the Avery situation. It isn’t something to expect at any point in the near future, but a new topic would be more interesting at this point. We’ve combed through the Steven Avery case so much in the past months, not to mention it is 10 years old. What would you like to see?

(Via The Daily Show)