Steven Avery’s Mother May Have The Craziest ‘Making A Murderer’ Theory Yet

By this point, we’ve pretty much heard every angle of the story behind Teresa Halbach’s murder and Steven Avery’s conviction from Making A Murderer. Almost everybody has chimed in that was featured in the documentary, including the legal teams, the filmmakers, and Avery’s ex who referred to him as a “monster.” But it seems that Avery’s mother has her own thoughts on the case, including a few thoughts that seem like something out of the looney bin.

Dolores Avery called in to the The Hill-Man Morning Show in Boston earlier in the week and laid out her thoughts on the case against her son and the fate of Teresa Halbach. A fate that she doesn’t believe includes death:

“I don’t know, but I wish the person could come forward. I don’t think she’s even dead. I don’t think so.”

The radio host then pointed out that Halbach’s bones were found in Steven Avery’s backyard, to which she replied, “How do you know if them were her bones?”

The host answered that forensic testing showed they were Halbach’s remains. “[Then] somebody planted them,” Dolores said. “They planted the key.”

You can listen to the short interview below, but it’s hard enough to think that the police would plant bones and plant evidence in order to frame Steven Avery. If his mother expects us to even entertain the idea that Halbach is still alive, she must be a bit off her rocker. You can’t blame her, of course. Her son has spent most of his adult life in prison and she’s been given an unnatural amount of attention for close to three decades due to the several crimes that Steven may or may not have ever even participated in.

Still, if Teresa Halbach turned out to be alive, and it’s all just one big conspiracy to get Steven Avery locked up for his life, one would have to question ever leaving the house again. It’s that crazy.

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(Via TMZ / Bro Bible)

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