New ‘The Mandalorian’ Trailer Offers Plenty Of Action (And Werner Herzog)

We’re only two weeks from the debut of Disney+, which means we’re only a fortnight from getting The Mandalorian, a new Star Wars show and one of the streaming service’s biggest new attractions. So far pictures and trailers have kept things relatively minimal, cloaking its possible anti-hero — a bounty hunter of the same breed as Boba Fett, played by a be-helmeted Pablo Pascal — in an air of mystique. This latest one is longer and louder, with more action, more laser battles and — even better — more Werner Herzog.

The New German Cinema titan — who once completed an interview after being shot by a BB gun, among countless other wild stories — narrates the opening stretch of the latest ad, and if you think it’s odd hearing his beloved, heavily accented cadences whisper profundities over the Lucasfilms logo, trust us, you have no idea. The man who once waxed poetic about the “overwhelming and collective murder” of the Amazon Rainforest gets to drop words like “parsec” in between shots of droids shooting guns and stuff.

Of course, Herzog has long moved from an eccentric artist with a cult following to a mainstream weirdo, even popping up on Parks and Recreation and in Madagascar spin-offs and Tom Cruise action movies. Still, it is weird that the world is stoked for a show prominently featuring a filmmaker who once made a movie with an all-dwarf cast.

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