Margarita Levieva Of ‘The Deuce’ Tells Us About The Development Of Her Trailblazing Character


The Deuce will return to HBO with a second season on September 9, which will reunite audiences with Times Square and most of the debut season’s major players, who are either fully entrenched or on the periphery of the burgeoning porn industry. A time jump from 1972 to 1977 means that everyone’s got new hair (it’s now easier to tell Vincent and Frank, the twins played by James Franco, apart) and slightly tweaked professions. Yet some major changes are afoot, including how Abby (embodied by Margarita Levieva) moves to the forefront of the action with a transformation in process.

Levieva spoke with us about how Abby’s wise-beyond-her-years beginning in the series has taken her into new territory. From college student to barmaid to artist to activist, she truly becomes central to the series’ critical gaze upon the sex industry. Abby’s also the long-term love interest of Franco’s Vincent, and Levieva was happy to chat about all these topics in our conversation.

Abby’s always been remarkably wise for her age. You’ve been asked previously about playing a 20-year-old [Levieva turned 38 this year] college student, but she’s older now with the time jump.

Yes, she’s actually 26 or 27 years old now.

Does that feel much different for you, playing an older Abby?

Definitely. It’s good that she’s had that time to grow up, and I can explore what that’s like for Abby and see where she’s going.

I feel like she’s almost deceptively nuanced. The series objectified her more early on, but she was the one who hung back and questioned why certain characters do what they do. How did she become so wise?