Marilyn Manson Cast As A White Supremacist In The Final Season Of ‘Sons Of Anarchy’

Brian Hugh Warner, better known as Marilyn Manson, a kid from Ohio who achieved the American Dream of becoming the Vanilla Ice of Goth Metal and inspired an entire generation of teenagers to lightly cut themselves (just enough to get attention, but not enough to cause permanent damage), has been cast in the final season of Sons of Anarchy.

Manson will play a white supremacist, which actually kind of makes sense given accusations that he once bought a bunch of Nazi paraphernalia (AND HUMAN SKIN MASKS!) The character’s name is Ron Tully, a prison shot-caller who Jax uses to expand his power base.

Here’s Manson’s statement, per an FX press release:

“Sons has been such a big part of my life, as well as my father’s,” said Manson. “So I was determined to make him proud by being involved in what will probably be remembered as the most amazing piece of television cinema. After all, the very heart of SOA is about that relationship. So, now all I need is a motorcycle.”

The question is: Will he play Ron Tully with or without makeup? Because this guy is not very imposing but would make for a great white supremacist:

While this guy would just give everyone the heebies.