Mario Batali Bought 200 Pairs Of Orange Crocs Because They’re Being Discontinued

In a 2012 interview, Mario Batali explained how he came to be synonymous with Crocs: “I think what I realized as an owner of my own place, I could do whatever I wanted … It was just about comfort, it wasn’t about fashion.” Since then the hideous footwear has become his trademark, specifically the bright orange version of them. So imagine Batali’s panic when he learned that the company was discontinuing that color.

From a Q&A with Details:

DETAILS: Ever gonna give up the Crocs?

Mario Batali: Got something better?

DETAILS: How many pairs do you own now?

Mario Batali: Probably 30. I just ordered 200 more because they’re about to take orange out of the field. They made a special run for me before they retired the color.

DETAILS: How do you feel about that?

Mario Batali: They’re gonna stop the Mario Batali orange! It’s preposterous! But they’re doing pretty well without me. Nothing lasts forever, baby.

Come on, Batali. Crocs are hideous. Even Guy Fieri makes fun of them.

Well, at least I don’t feel so bad about working almost every day wearing Adidas track pants.

(Details via Eater)