The Bundy-Griswold Connection And More ‘Married… With Children’ Surprising Facts

Features Editor
07.29.15 2 Comments


Married… with Children ran for 11 seasons on Fox, breaching the carefully cultivated idea of what a family should be on television, while injecting a bit of sexuality into the land of sitcoms. When TV’s trailblazers are mentioned, though, Married… with Children usually doesn’t come up, and the same thing goes for when contemporary writers and comedic minds talk about their inspirations. Is it because the show was low-brow and unpolished? Perhaps, but the show’s impact is something that can’t be ignored, and it doesn’t seem like it’s disappearing from our consciousness anytime soon. If you doubt that, take a look at the reaction on social media to today’s update about the possible spin-off.

So, how do we celebrate Married… with Children‘s unfading place in pop culture? We dig in and highlight some lesser know details about the show.

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