Watch Marty From Season One Of ‘True Detective’ Have An Emotional Breakdown About The Show’s Second Season

If you absolutely loved the first season of True Detective, it might stand to reason that you may be a little disappointed by season two. Sure, everyone loves Rachel McAdams and Colin Farrell (not you, Vince Vaughn) but there’s been a lot of grumbling about the second season not being quite as good as the first. That’s why a very talented video artist has driven the point home by cutting together scenes of season one’s Marty reacting to the horror that is season two.

If you haven’t watched season one (it is so, so good), you won’t be spoiled by watching this video. You may, of course, become fascinated by exactly what Marty was watching on the video tape originally and why “no one should have this” but that just means you’ll have to watch the first season. If you’ve watched both seasons, though, then this video should make some very good sense to you. Yep, right down to the screaming.

(Via Death and Taxes)