Matt Weiner Explained The Dichotomy Of Don Draper To Colbert And Suddenly ‘Mad Men’ Makes More Sense

I’ve read and watched a lot of interviews with Mad Men creator Matt Weiner over the years, and I don’t think he’s ever as succinctly explained the dichotomy of Don Draper (and, really, the 60s male in general) as he did in the first few minutes of his interview with Stephen Colbert last night. Intuitively the analysis should make who Don is as a person and how we feel about him from an audience perspective even more convoluted, but oddly enough — for me anyway — it’s remarkably straightforward.

From there they get into as deep and interesting of an analysis of 60s & 70s culture as two intelligent people born in the 60s can in under seven minutes, culminating in Weiner revealing some buried resentment for baby boomer entitlement that makes me like him even more.