Maya Rudolph Is Entirely Ready For Spring (And For Returning To Host ‘SNL’) In This Week’s Preview

Maya Rudolph returns to her Saturday Night Live roots this weekend but this time as the host, and she’s bringing along musical guest Jack Harlow. In a new preview for Saturday’s episode, Maya’s joined by Harlow and SNL cast member Chris Redd, who thought it was his own birthday until Rudolph reminded him that she’s the host, so therefore, it’s her birthday. The hilarious actress and comedienne then burst into eloquent tribute to spring, and it’s hard not to notice a little bit of Rudolph’s Emmy winning voice work as Big Mouth‘s Connie the Hormone Monster in there. Although, it wasn’t in the preview, SNL fans can probably expect more of Rudolph’s other Emmy winning performance as Kamala Harris when this week’s episode hits.

As for Harlow, he was mostly quiet during the preview, but he’s been pumped for his first time performing on SNL ever since the news dropped back in February. “I grew up watching SNL with my family every weekend,” Harlow tweeted at the time. “I vividly remember seeing Kanye perform Love Lockdown and Heartless in 2008. Thank you for making this happen. Another dream come true.”

Rudolph’s hosting gig also arrives on the heels of news that she’ll be starring in a new comedy series for Apple TV from creators Alan Yang and Matt Hubbard, who Rudolph worked with on Amazon’s Forever. The untitled show will feature Rudolph as Molly, “a woman whose seemingly perfect life is upended after her husband leaves her with nothing but 87 billion dollars.” Sounds rough.