‘Mayans M.C.’ Will Finally Ride Again (Soon), And A New Teaser Forecasts A Rough Time In The Desert

Mayans M.C. last aired an episode in November 2019, and we all know what happened a few months later. Shooting schedules everywhere went on hold, but it looks like the FX biker drama rallied and will soon deliver a Season 3 premiere. It’s actually happening sooner than reasonably expected (Tuesday, March 16), and the show has unveiled a new teaser of the club riding through the desert (alongside the sort-of border wall). EZ’s been patched in, so he’s definitely not riding alone, although it sure sounds as if he’s still not sure where safe footing shall be found within the group.

Showrunner Elgin James (this is now, officially, the post-Kurt Sutter era for the Sons Of Anarchy franchise) admitted as much about EZ while speaking with Entertainment Weekly. According to James, EZ.’s feeling god awful about Dita’s murder (even though she asked for it), but he’ll pick up with “his new love interest” (this may or may not be Gaby… sorry, Emily?), and Angel’s hell bent upon a sex-and-booze bender after losing Adelita. Coco will continue his downward spiral, and Alvarez will need to decide whether he’s with the Mayans or with Miguel Galindo.

What viewers want to know, obviously, is whether we’ll find out the identity of the dead SAMCRO member at the Vatos Malditos M.C. party. Here’s what James had to offer:

“[G]hosts of the past come calling for all of the M.C., both individually and as a club; from past loss and loves, to a dead SOA member buried in the Mexican desert. This is a season about reckoning. This is the season we get to know these characters beyond the kutte. This is the season we tell their stories.”

James is more than suggesting that the Mayans will succeed (at least at first) at covering up the accidental murder of the SAMCRO member, which leads me to believe that it’s someone who won’t be urgently missed. As our own Dustin Rowles noted, Clayton Cardenas (who portrays Angel) hypothesized that it could be Chibs or Happy, but it surely doesn’t make sense that Chibs (as the founding chapter’s president) could be dumped in the desert with success. I don’t want to see Happy go yet, but obviously, this is someone who decided to work with VM while leaving the Mayans unaware. So, it’s someone who’s (1) invested in the situation; (2) we’ve probably seen before in this spinoff. That still leaves room for this to be Montez… maybe. Jacob Vargas’ IMDb page lists him as being in this episode, so that’d work out with this theory; however, he’s also listed as being in Season 3, so yeah, you’ve got me there.

Hopefully, we’ll receive the answer on March 16 when Mayans M.C. returns.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)