All The Questions We Have Going Into Season Three Of ‘Mayans M.C.’

It’s a good thing that FX renewed Mayans M.C. on Monday, even if it will be without co-showrunner Kurt Sutter, because the season two finale of the motorcycle series left a lot of questions unanswered. It’s bad enough that we’ll have to wait nearly a year to find out any of the answers to those questions, but at least FX won’t leave us hanging permanently.

In fact, Mayans M.C. have have actually left more questions in its finale than it answered. Here are all of season two’s dangling subplots as we await the series’ return next year.

1. Alvarez Is Stuck Between a Rock and a Galindo — By the episode’s end, EZ has killed Dita, after she confessed to Felipe that she was behind the hit on Marisol. Dita wanted Felipe to know the truth, and to be the one bring her to justice, so to speak, by killing her. Felipe couldn’t do it, but EZ could. Dita left a suicide note for Miguel and met EZ, Angel, and Felipe out the desert. EZ choked her to death, and he and Angel burned her body. The only problem is, they left motorcycle tracks in the sand, which Alvarez spotted when Miguel went out to retrieve Dita’s body.


It won’t be too difficult for Alvarez to put two and two together here. He knows the lives of EZ, Felipe, and Dita have been intersecting lately. Finding out the truth will not be difficult for Alvarez. Deciding whether he will honor his boss, Miguel, or EZ and his motorcycle club is the real dilemma. The fact that he is seen covering those tracks in the end definitely hints at where his mind is.

2. Is Angel the Father of Adelita’s Baby? Again, Adelita’s story was largely put on the backburner, as she was used mostly to serve other storylines rather than her own. Emily gave intel to EZ, who used it as leverage against Potter to put the kibosh on Felipe’s deportation. Later, Potter told Angel that the DNA results show that Adelita’s baby is Angel’s. But is that true? Clayton Cardenas, who plays Angel, suggested in an interview with EW that it’s not necessarily the case. Potter may have told Angel he was the father because it gives Potter some leverage over Angel. Then again, the DNA test could be inaccurate, particularly given the fact that Angel and Miguel are half brothers.


3. Why did Taza really kill Riz? In the EW interview, Cardenas offered a theory on that, too. He believes that his old club, VM, has some dirt on Taza, and to ensure that it wouldn’t get out, Taza killed Riz to provoke a war, ensuring the death of VM. The gambit did not work, however, as VM’s President, Palo, managed to get away, either by luck, or because he arranged a deal with Bishop to give up his club in exchange for his life.

Cardenas also suggested that the dirt VM has on Taza relates to Taza’s cousin, seen in the picture the camera lingered on.


4. Who was the SAMCRO member shot and killed at the VM party? I don’t know for sure, nor do I completely understand what he was doing at the VM party, but I will say that it’s big trouble for the Mayans. It could set up a Mayans vs. SAMCRO war in the next season. On that final scene, Cardenas also said that the scene was shot in two ways, one on which the identity of the SAMCRO member was revealed, and another in which he wasn’t. I guess we’re just going to have to wait roughly 10 months to find out who, although Cardenas said it could be Happy or it could be Chibs, but whoever it was, they were working a backroom deal with VM behind the back of the Mayans. It is worth nothing that IMDB lists Jacob Vargas — who plays SAMCRO member Montez — as being in this episode, and he is the connect between SAMCRO and the VM, so it would make sense if it were.


5. What’s up with Emily and Miguel? — Interestingly, the cartel side of the series too a backseat in the back half of the season, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Emily and Miguel’s relationship is obviously on the rocks. Emily doesn’t trust Miguel and vice versa, and things are bound to get even more messy if and when Miguel finds out that Emily stole the leverage against Potter he planned to use and gave it to EZ, and that Emily also gave EZ the information they needed to determine that Miguel’s mother was behind the hit of Marisol. So, yeah; It’s going to get very rocky (and potentially violent) if any of those revelations surface.

6. When will the agripark be completed? Honestly, I don’t care. In fact, no one does. Kurt Sutter always seems to have a land deal involved somewhere in his storylines, but I wonder if Elgin James will continue with it next season? It all seems like pointless way to keep Emily involved in the series until she and Miguel divorce and she runs off with EZ.