Megan Fox Shares A Romantic Past (And The Shower) With A ‘New Girl’ Character

The out-of-nowhere woman-on-woman kiss is a TV tradition. It even has a TV Tropes name: “Sweeps Week Lesbian Kiss.” Where shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer thoughtfully explore gay relationships, others, like The O.C., will have one female character lock lips with another female character, because ratings. One month, Marissa is romantically and sensually infatuated with Olivia Wilde; the next, Wilde is gone, never to be spoken of again.

New Girl is already sharing Peter Gallagher’s eyebrows with new-to-streaming The O.C. — now they’ll also share an abrupt lesbian relationship.

“The first episode that they wrote for Megan [Fox] revealed that my character and her character had a bit of a romantic past,” [Hannah Simone, who plays Cece] tells TVLine. “By the end of that first episode, they’re in the shower together. So yes, her character definitely shakes things up.” (Via TVLine)

That’s one way to get attention for a show that doesn’t premiere until January. I mean, I’m writing about it now. Dammit. Anyway, “Schmidt has a very difficult time dealing with that,” according to Fox, which is understandable, considering season four ended with him getting engaged to Cece. He has so many things to worry about now, like whether she’ll run off with Olivia Wilde. And why does Fox always smell like pizza?

(Via TVLine)