An Old Comedy Central Pilot Featuring Meghan Markle And Adam Pally May See The Light Of Day After All

Nearly a decade ago, Meghan Markle, the American actress who has since gone on to marry Prince Harry, thereby making her the Duchess of Essex, starred in a Comedy Central pilot titled The Boys and Girls Guide to Getting Down. Said pilot, which also starred Adam Pally and Max Greenfield, was never ordered to series and never made it to air. Yet according to Greenfield, who appeared on Monday’s The Late Late Show, it seems someone has purchased the rights to the long-since-abandoned pilot and intends to distribute it.

As Vulture reports, the subject came up during Greenfield’s visit to the late night CBS program thanks to host James Corden, himself a British subject. “I don’t know what it was,” the actor exclaimed when Corden and Billions‘ Maggie Siff began questioning him incessantly about it:

“It was called The Boys and Girls Guide to Getting Down. It was a pilot for Comedy Central. Adam Pally was in it. Then I got some sort of email recently saying, ‘This person has bought it and they’re putting it out.’ And I was like, ‘Great. Good for you!’ I would assume they have their reasons as to why they’re putting it out.”

Now is probably a good time for the queen and the rest of the royal family to watch a few episodes of Suits, a fantastic show that is finally coming to an end this year, so as to avoid any awkward dinner conversations.

(Via Vulture)