Mel Brooks Pranked President Obama By Pretending To Pull Down His Pants

Wait, did Mel Brooks just do what we think he may have just done? It sure seems like he may have tried to take the president’s pants off. Normally, that would be a weird thing to say, but as per usual in the case of Mel Brooks, it’s hilarious.

The iconic writer, actor, director, and musician visited the White House today to meet President Obama and accept the 2015 National Medal of Arts award. According to a White House statement, the award was being given to Brooks for “for a lifetime of making the world laugh.”

As President Obama laid the medal attached to a purple ribbon over Brooks’ neck, the frisky 90-year-old made a sudden movement that seemed as if he might be pretending to pants the leader of the free world.

The moment drew laughter and applause from those in attendance and reminded us why Mel Brooks is considered one of the greatest entertainers to ever live. Nine decades on this earth and Brooks is still trying to draw laughter out of others. I’ll be happy just to pull my own pants down at 90 years old, not to mention the president of the United States of America’s. Brooks is quick like a dang cat, too; it’s pretty impressive.

The White House also honored music producer and Motown Records founder Berry Gordy, choreographer Ralph Lemon, writer and actor Luis Valdez, the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center in Connecticut, and actor Morgan Freeman at this year’s reception.

(Via ABC News)