Meme Watch: Charlie Sheen Quotes

On Friday, while we were still reeling from Round 1 of Charlie Sheen doing live interviews — before he expanded his prophetic lunacy to TV — I put out a call for Sheen quotes in digestible Internet meme form. On the following slides, I’ve got the best submissions as well as some creations from around the web. I can’t possibly stress enough how singular this downward spiral is: Sheen is so adamant, so assured in his belief that he is an F-18 Vatican assassin warlock with magical poetic fingertips, tiger’s blood, a secret army of killers, and rocket fuel in his saber that it’s not even fair to call it a downward spiral. It’s more like a black hole: people who get too close will be sucked into his awesome bitchin’ reality, and all the rest of us fools and trolls will be left in our small houses with our ugly wives wishing we fly privately around the world banging hot chicks. DUH. WINNING.
(Any images without a credit were made by Warming Glow. Thanks to Danger Guerrero for making so many of these.)

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