Michael Che Has His Own Way Of Countering All Of Those Ornery ‘Che Diaz’ Messages From ‘And Just Like That…’ Viewers

No one expected And Just Like That… to be so controversial (and such a horror show). First, they shockingly killed off a long-running (although not-exactly fan favorite) character with a Peloton. Then came the whole freight train named Che Diaz, who’s now somehow the villain of the franchise. Somehow even moreso than Carrie’s phone, which will soon be re-haunted by Samantha texts!

Che (the character, for the record, clarified that their chosen moniker was short for “Cheryl”) turned out the be the most polarizing part of the Sex and the City sequel series, and the Internet is gonna Internet, so people decided to veer out of context and goad another entertainment presence with a similar name. That’d be former SNL Weekend Update host Michael Che, who’s known to be controversial, too. While speaking with The Daily Beast’s Marlow Stern, Michael admits to feeling confused by the Che Diaz messages sent his way on social media, but he handled it in stride:

“You know what’s crazy about that? I’ve never, ever, ever seen Sex and the City or the new reboot, so I have no idea what or who [it is]. Every time there’s a Che Diaz thing, I get so many messages of people like, ‘This you?’ ‘This you?!’ and I’m like, ‘I don’t know who this person is!’ People have told me since that the character’s pretty polarizing, apparently, and does comedy, and is on the same network that I’m on. But for me, I like to post it so that people stop sending it to me. It’s my way of saying, ‘OK, you saw it!'”

At the moment, Michael Che appears to not be active on Twitter (and his official Instagram page is also wiped clean), but here’s a sample of the weirdness that he probably saw on a daily basis:

Che Diaz mentions on Twitter

And good/bad news! There shall be much more Che Diaz on And Just Like That… Season 2. Get ready, Michael Che!

(Via The Daily Beast)