Michael K. Williams Fans Were Absolutely Gutted That He Didn’t Win An Emmy For ‘Lovecraft Country’

Michael K. Williams passed away on September 6, after the end of Emmys voting, and none of that should have had any bearing on whether or not he won the Emmy for his Lovecraft Country performance. With that said, Michael K. Williams probably should have won that Emmy for his portrayal of Montrose Freeman.

The iconic The Wire and Boardwalk Empire actor put his all into that performance, even delivering the monologue of the season. He took the most powerful journey of the entire series. Through his performance, Williams tackled intergenerational trauma, alcoholism, and sexuality, all while bearing witness (again) to the Tulsa Race Massacre. He crushed the whole show, and yet, he got swept up in a The Crown sweep with Tobias Menzies taking home the award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series.

Fortunately, Kerry Washington did pay tribute to Williams (who she praised as a “brilliantly talented actor and a generous human being”) before announcing the winner. “Michael, I know you’re here because you wouldn’t miss this,” she declared. “Your excellence, your artistry will endure. We love you.”

Williams’ fans love him, too.