Michael Rapaport Brings His ‘Tiki-Torch’ Nazi Trash Talk To ‘The Late Show’ With A Message For Jared Kushner

08.18.17 2 years ago 3 Comments

If you missed out, Michael Rapaportshared a few heated responses to the events in Charlottesville, the white supremacists that marched on the University of Virginia campus, and Donald Trump’s response to all of it. His posts were explicitly fantastic, providing some early fire that we’d be lacking from the folks in charge of the country. That’s not exactly a good thing in the bigger picture, but it was welcome before tragedy struck in Virginia.

Stephen Colbert or someone at The Late Show must’ve noticed and asked Rapaport to share his views on the show while promoting his book, This Book Has Balls. It’s the sanitized version, but it’s still pretty frenzied and it includes Rapaport’s message to Jared Kushner and his offer to meet up for a bagel, cream cheese, and lox.

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