Michael Shannon And Stephen Colbert Join Forces For A Good Cause Before Things Get Very Absurd

Stephen Colbert often talks about subjects that are near and dear to his heart while hosting from his Late Show post. On Friday night, he used his platform to speak about something incredibly important to him: Saving the historic Winfield Theater. He wasn’t alone in pushing for this cause. The star of America’s favorite Christmas film Pottersville is stepping up too.

Colbert and his guest Michael Shannon shared a series of PSAs urging people to support rebuilding the theater. In fact, the bulk of the PSAs they star in were recorded in anticipation of what happens after the building is restored.

“We need to destroy the historic Winfield Theater,” explains Colbert in the PSA they filmed in anticipation for 2019.

“Turns out the theater was haunted. Extremely haunted,” notes Shannon.

Things don’t exactly get less complicated in the PSAs that tumble out for the years after, but it’s nice to know that the generocity of (future) strangers can facilitate everything from restoring a theater to promptly dynamiting it to get rid of all the pesky ghost and evil ventriloquists lurking within. It’s silly escalating comedy that would work as a sketch independent of the Late Show, but bless ’em for doing it on the chat show. Here’s hoping we get a live theatrical adaptation at the Winfield Theater.