Mike Myers Revives Dr. Evil From ‘Austin Powers’ To Discuss His Departure From The Trump Administration

While it might seem like Austin Powers references are ancient at this point, it feels right to have Dr. Evil return from obscurity on The Tonight Show to comment on President Donald Trump. It feels like Trump really is a throwback to those late ’90s days, so why not bring back the classic Mike Myers characters?

The twist here is Fallon introduces Dr. Evil as the latest to be fired from the Trump admin, which is still a bit of stretch here in year two but could be a reality later on in year six or seven. As he shares, he was going to be Secretary of Evil before Steve Bannon jumped on the ship but then just ended up being an “ideas guy.” He is the one behind the idea for that great, big, beautiful wall on the Mexican border. It did change a bit because Evil’s original idea was apparently a moat with spikey blowfish.

Fallon and Myers roll down the list of White House stars before moving into the post-White House plans for Dr. Evil. It’s got enough tosses to those Austin Powers references people love, but then still wants to joke about Fire And Fury and Mark Zuckerberg quietly becoming the evilest choice for a running mate in 2020. For those of us who saw The Social Network, we know this actually isn’t a stretch. It just took everybody’s data being up for grabs to turn most of the public onto that side of things.

Good to get a nice evil laugh again. Nostalgia will be the death of us.

(Via The Tonight Show)