Miles Teller Is Replacing Armie Hammer In The ‘Godfather’ Making-Of Series ‘The Offer’

The new year seemed like it would be a good one for Armie Hammer. He had multiple big projects on the burner, including a likely sequel to Call Me by Your Name, and he was optimistic that 2021 would be exponentially better than 2020. But it was not to be. In mid-January, bizarre and disturbing allegations emerged about his personal life, causing him to either drop out or be booted from all future gigs. Now months later, one of those jobs — the Godfather making-of show for Paramount+ — finally has a new lead.

Miles Teller is taking over as the protagonist of The Offer, which tells of the behind-the-scenes squabbles that led to one of the most beloved movies in Hollywood history. The actor will play Al Ruddy, who co-created Hogan’s Heroes and went on to a colorful and diverse career, producing everything from Burt Reynolds vehicles (including the Cannonball Run cycle), the Rodney Dangerfield soccer comedy Ladybugs, Clint Eastwood’s Million Dollar Baby and his forthcoming new film Cry Macho, as well as one of the movies that helped save Paramount in the early ’70s.

The show will show the making through Ruddy’s eyes, and he presumably had a great view of the fights between director Francis Ford Coppola and Paramount head Robert Evans, as well as Marlon Brando’s more eccentric outbursts. In the meantime, you’ll be seeing Teller much sooner in another Paramount product: the belated sequel Top Gun: Maverick, in which he’ll get schooled by Tom Cruise’s 50-something Pete Mitchell. As for Hammer, he’s going to have to watch as his Call Me by Your Name director and co-star make a cannibal movie without him.

(Via THR)