Miley Cyrus Discusses Nudity, Nipples, And Being Comfortable On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

So, yeah, that is what Miley Cyrus wore to Jimmy Kimmel Live. For whatever reason, Kimmel decided to ask Miley about her wardrobe, and it turned into a whole conversation about nudity in society and how people are fine with some aspects, but not others. While you may have read up on Miley speaking on these topics before, the conversation here is a bit more nipple and pastie-focused. She also talked about how her clothing made it easier to hold a conversation with Paul McCartney at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Apparently, “picture the other person naked” doesn’t work so well with Miley.

Former In Living Color cast member and Seinfeld alum Alexandra Wentworth joined in on the nudity discussion when she appeared, showing off her own glittery pastie top for the Kimmel audience. Who wore it better, right?

(Via Jimmy Kimmel Live)