Mindy Kaling Had The Perfect Reply To A Negative Tweet About Her ‘Velma’ Animated Show

It’s never a great idea for celebrities to become Reply Guys on Twitter, but sometimes you just can’t resist if the perfect comeback falls into your lap. That appears to be the case with Mindy Kaling, who replied to a critical tweet by pointing out a bit of The Office history that certainly topped the initial insult she endured.

Wednesday brought word that HBO Max is expanding the number of animated shows it offers in a big way, starting with a reboot of a cult MTV hit Clone High. But another series that got some attention is a cartoon focused on the origin story of Velma from Scooby Doo.

As The Hollywood Reporter laid out, Mindy Kaling will voice Velma in an “adult-focused comedy” that she will also executive produce. As the news circulated online, one fan on Twitter was upset to hear Kaling was involved in the show. They replied with a GIF version of Michael Scott yelling “no” over and over again, which came from the cold open of Frame Toby, an episode from Season 5 when Scott learns that Toby, his nemesis from HR, has returned to Dunder Mifflin.

Normally it’s not a great idea for a celebrity with more than 11 million followers on Twitter to reply to someone with double digit followers, but there was a particular reason Kaling couldn’t resist: she wrote the episode that GIF came from.

The tweet was soon deleted, though you can see video of the GIF that was used here, if you need it. But beyond that tweet, Kaling certainly seemed to appreciate the excitement she saw from others.