The 25 Most Important GIFs Of 2012

I’m back for a second installment of the UPROXX year-end GIF recap. Just like last year’s, this collection is simultaneously definitive and subjective, and, seeing as how we’ve just experienced The Year of the GIF, couldn’t be more open for criticism. The only we can all agree on: hard “g” or GTFO.

With the animated format taking over the world (wide web) in 2012 you’ll find that many of the following entrants are GIF themes, as opposed to one-off images. That’s just how things work now. Brave new world and all. I’ve attempted to tackle them in semi-chronological order of how we discovered them throughout the year (nostalgia!) but since Emma Stone is the best — and it was also kind of her year — and her contribution couldn’t be more apropos, she gets top billing.

Glaring omissions and comments regarding how much I suck at this welcome in the comments.

Cage on Cage is just one of the many amazing Nicolas Cage GIFs we discovered on Gifolas Cage in early 2012.

When an unsuspecting grandmother chose the exact moment ESPN cameras panned over David Robinson to stand up she became GIF Bomb Lady and served as Tumblr muse for roughly a week and a half, inspiring all sorts of incredible variations.


Kurp is the only person who watched the VMAs but luckily he did because otherwise we would have never known about this suggestive-yet-ambiguous moment shared between Rihanna and Katy Perry.


’60s Batman Running Away from Sh*t had its moment in the sun early in 2012, back when ’60s superhero lulz were all the rage.

Lana Del Rey and her next level performance skills stole our hearts in 2012. This is one of the many amazing variations.

Simply a wonderful moment in television history. Bonus: Mmmm, Whatcha Say remix.

Pretty sure these came into play when landing Lizzy Caplan.

Hologram Tupac was the GIF that kept on GIF-ing after he made his debut at Coachella in April.

College Humor

And the world was never quite the same. You may want to scroll by this one quickly for various reasons.

It’s virtually impossible to select a single Ron Swanson GIF from 2012 but it would also be an Emmy-level snub not to include at least one, so I’ve selected some of his truest words of wisdom.

Via Chet

When the first Django Unchained trailer hit the web in June one moment in particular stuck out.


Thanks to With Leather and these warm up GIFs Michelle became your new favorite hurdler in 2012. Tough shakes, Gail Devers.

Encompassing everything that is McConaughey acting and Film Drunk’s Oscar campaign in a single GIF.

In the leading man department, 2012 was indeed the year of Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Panty Fire

Olympic lulz fever ran rampant on the internet this summer and here’s the best GIF of all. No one denies this.

F*ck Yeah Dementia

Our 2012 spirit animal had helpful advice for everyone.

Step 1: Combine two dancing GIF trends you already enjoy. Step 2: Add a dash of Britney. Step 3: Internet.


The lasting memory when we all think back to how S5 Part One concluded. Also, “Walt Whitman was a meth dealer” never fails to make me giggle uncontrollably.

As CB put it, no explanation, just mesmerization.


2012 is the year it happened.

No real context except it’s amazing and should be your reaction GIF to all surprising news.

Cool jump, bro.

Speaking of bros, quite possibly the most spectacular sports GIF ever GIF’d. Also amazing in reverse.

When Olivia Wilde got handsy with herself for the sake of British comedy it threatened to break the internet and inspired us to research her other contributions to GIF culture. This will never be topped though.