Netflix’s Biggest Show Is Also The Most Pirated Show In The World

Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+ are the world’s three biggest streaming services. They also dominate the list of the most pirated shows.

Using Google search data, Broadband Choices looked at “the number of searches for online streams and torrents for original programs from the likes of Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, and Apple TV in 138 countries around the world.” What they found is Squid Game, the biggest show in Netflix history, is also popular on torrent sites: the Emmy-nominated survival series is the most pirated title in 57 countries, including the United States, Germany, and South Korea.

Squid Game is followed by WandaVision (19 countries), Money Heist (18 countries), and The Mandalorian (nine countries). Stranger Things (six countries) is in fifth place with six counties, but the data is only through June 2022; if the same research was done now, following the culmination of season four, it would probably rank higher.

Here’s the full list:

1. Squid Game – 57 countries
2. Wandavision – 19 countries
3. Money Heist – 18 countries
4. The Mandalorian – 9 countries
5. Stranger Things – 6 countries
6. Bridgerton – 6 countries
7. Moon Knight – 5 countries
8. The Witcher – 4 countries
9. The Wheel of Time – 3 countries
10. Loki – 3 countries

You can find a country-by-country breakdown here (Qatar loves John Cena, who knew?).

Squid Game is expected to return to Netflix until late 2023, early 2024.

(Via Broadband Choices)