For Mother’s Day, ‘SNL’ Tries To Get Away From The Political Cold Opens

Saturday Night Live‘s cold opens have dealt exclusively with the ever-evolving and ever-present scandals hanging over Donald Trump and the White House. Tonight, the show started with Aidy Bryant, Kenan Thompson, and other members of the SNL cast with their mothers, because it’s Mother’s Day, and the opening sketches have been really political lately. They gotta get away from this Trump stuff.

On this weekend, we have to remember that it’s for our mothers, and everyone else’s mothers. Except that most of these baby boomers have voted for Trump, and they are just so sick of these political openings. Why do their children have to attack the President and not Crooked Hillary?

Still, they love their children.


You see, the moms out there, like Rob Schneider (America’s mother), are feeling like Alec Baldwin’s Trump impression is getting stale, and maybe just plain mean. Who is writing these jokes, and why are these joke writers being put on the spot with their Trump-loving mothers?

Because it’s Mother’s Day, and this is when everyone has to come together to look past the political differences in their family, even if those political differences directly trace back to the systematic dismantling of our democracy.