‘Mr. Robot’ Delivers A Scathing Monologue On Trump And Society In Its Season Premiere

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10.12.17 4 Comments

WARNING: Spoilers for the season premiere of Mr. Robot ahead

Mr. Robot returned with a strong third season premiere that saw the effect of Elliot’s plans taking hold and actually placing him at a point where he’s looking for someone to blame for everything — at least until he decides the only person to blame is himself. You can read our full rundown of the episode over here, but Mr. Robot creator Sam Esmail spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about the origins of this moment in the premiere and how it reflected our current status with Trump, Brexit, and more around the world.

For Esmail, the scene itself was a reflection of the real world and many felt following November’s election, crafting something that was driven more by emotion and feeling than fact:

“We always look for the emotional truth in every scene,” says Esmail. “We can’t help but include what we’re going through in what we write. In fact, I think it’s imperative that you do. That’s how you stay honest about what you’re trying to say in your work. Elliot’s our guiding force on Mr. Robot, and when he comes to this realization that in trying to save the world, he was actually at fault — that even though he had the best intentions, he hurt people, he didn’t help people, and all of the consequences were his to own — that paralleled and resonated so much with what we were going through in the room during the election last year, which was catastrophic and tragic, not just for the country, but for the world.”

“We felt responsibility for it,” he continues. “It had nothing to do with whether we voted against Trump or not. We felt responsible, whether it was avoiding the signs, or not voicing our side as much, or taking it for granted. We felt some sort of responsibility. It felt wrong not to include that really strong reaction and strong feeling into the show, because it so overlapped with what Elliot was experiencing in that montage. We just let that be our guiding force: what feels honest and true to us? It’s all a creative expression. It’s not meant to be about facts. It’s meant to be impressionistic at times. We felt like we could take the liberty here, because it resonated so strongly.”

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