Pablo Escobar Is On The Run In The Season Two Trailer For ‘Narcos’

“There was no way Pablo Escobar was getting out of this one… right?” Haha, about that. If you haven’t had the pleasure of watching the first season of Netflix’s critically-acclaimed Narcos, you probably shouldn’t watch the above trailer or read any further, and the only thing you should be doing is firing up Netflix on the picture-viewing device of your choice and settling in for a binge session. If you have, well, it’s time to get excited about the official trailer for season two of Narcos, which picks up with Escobar on the run after escaping La Catedral, and the DEA and the drug lord’s rivals wanting payback.

Watching this trailer for what is sure to be another outstanding season reminds me of a headline I saw the other day, about Netflix execs being “unfazed by Hulu’s live-streaming plans.” It’s hard to imagine that Netflix’s CEO, Reed Hastings, or anyone else is really all that concerned about competition at this point when people can’t get enough of high-quality shows like Narcos and Daredevil. The only thing to worry about is probably the idea of #TooMuchTV, but watching Narcos shouldn’t be a chore. Especially not if season two is as good as this new trailer makes it look.