Natalie Portman Violently Defends The ‘Star Wars’ Prequels In Her New ‘SNL’ Rap

Natalie Portman had to bring back her rap skills for another appearance on SNL. This time around she has more edge, more anger, and plenty of defense for the Star Wars prequels. There’s even a return appearance for Andy Samberg, which is always nice. It’s very similar to the first time around, but this time she’s a mother and she’s also a little more fond of Jar Jar Binks. So much so that she’s packing heat to uphold his honor.

The other thing that is certain this time around, Natalie Portman’s anger has not subsided at all since the last time she rapped. She did make a slight appearance during the show’s 100th digital short back in 2012, but it has been quite a while since she rapped for real on the show. It’s been pent up since then and she had to unload it all over Beck Bennett’s — and that doctor’s — face. Plenty

Other highlights are the switchblade dildo, the Queen Amidala costume, and this album cover put out by the show.

If we could buy this album tomorrow, we probably would. A few copies at least, long before Best Buy takes all of the CD’s and tosses them in the trash. Physical media should be cherished!

(Via SNL)