Nathan Fielder Almost Got Arrested After Picking Up The Wrong Suitcase At The Airport

Nathan For You semi-returns this week with an hour-long episode on Thursday titled “A Celebration,” which will catch up with some former guests of the show before season four officially kicks off on September 28. Ahead of the premiere, series star and co-creator Nathan Fielder sat down with Jimmy Kimmel, and the interview was just as absurd and awkward as we’ve come to expect from the deadpan comedian.

Like most late night guests, Fielder had come prepared with an anecdote to tell, or a “weird, run-in with the law,” as he put it. While attending an out of town wedding recently (which he noted was similar to the weddings Kimmel has attended, only the people are “less rich”) he accidentally grabbed the wrong bag, which is an easy enough mistake to make. Unfortunately, he was running short on time to get to the ceremony and didn’t have time to make a bag exchange, so the bag’s owner, who he contacted via phone and was “weirdly cool” about the situation, invited him to wear the suit in his luggage to the wedding.

Unfortunately, the suit looked like this:

Even more unfortunately, the suit’s pocket also contained a baggy with a “powdery substance” in it, which he removed and just happened to be sitting on the passenger seat when he was pulled over by a cop for speeding to get to the wedding on time. To spoil the ending to his story wouldn’t do it justice (or any of it, really), but I think we can all agree with Jimmy Kimmel, who says to him at the end of it, “You’re out of your goddamn mind.”