Nathan Fielder’s Jacket Line Raised $150,000 For Holocaust Awareness

Early on in Nathan For You, Nathan Fielder is rarely seen without a Taiga windbreaker. That quickly changed when Fielder discovered that Taiga had celebrated a Holocaust denier in their catalogue, and he founded an outerwear line, Summit Ice, where 100% of the profit went to the Vancouver Holocaust Education Center. And Fielder will officially be donating $150,000 to the Museum next week. But he’s not done with Taiga yet.

Fielder has excellent reason to be upset. Doug Collins, the person in question, referred to Schindler’s List as “Swindler’s List” and whined that people were mean to him over his views that six million people murdered for their religion wasn’t such a big deal. Unsurprising, perhaps, for a guy who wrote a book called Immigration: The Destruction Of English Canada, but not something to be celebrated.

Fielder will make the donation on Sunday, and he’ll also open Summit Ice’s first pop-up store, where Canadians can trade in their Taiga jackets for a Summit Ice one and a “Deny Nothing” pin. That would probably be embarrassing enough, but the news report includes a line that would fill the hearts of any PR department with dread:

Please note: any Taiga jackets collected will be disposed of in a manner deemed appropriate by Mr. Fielder.

Just what that manner will be remains to be seen. But we doubt it’ll be all that flattering.

(via Summit Ice)