Everything Coming To And Leaving Netflix In November, Including ‘Outlaw King’ And ‘House Of Cards’


November’s nearly here and along with a distinct chill in the air, we’re also getting a slew of new Netflix films and shows to keep us warm on the long, cold, lonely nights. Well, at the very least, this month’s lineup will keep us bingeing.

The streaming platform’s churning out a host of films, shows, and returning favorites this month, with a little something for every kind of cinephile. Chris Pine stars in a Scottish epic, Robin Wright returns to reign chaos on House of Cards, a new Narcos brings us a stylish villain in Diego Luna, and the Coen brothers present their wild and whacky Western. And of course, there’s plenty of holiday fare, most notably a Netflix film that sees Kurt Russell playing Santa Claus. We know it’s hard to keep up with everything coming to (and leaving) Netflix each month so here’s a rundown of what’s happening on the streaming platform this November.