In A Stunning New Teaser, Netflix’s ‘Our Planet’ Exposes The Devastating Collapse Of A Glacier

04.03.19 3 months ago

The teams behind both BBC nature series Planet Earth and Dynasties are back with an eight-part nature docu-series Our Planet — once again narrated by David Attenborough — but this time produced exclusively for Netflix. Filmed entirely in Ultra High Definition in over 50 countries, the project was first announced back in 2015 but is finally dropping this week. And given one of the first clips released by Netflix titled “Glacier,” we can probably expect the series to be a depressingly grim reminder man’s impact on the planet earth.

“The breakaway of an iceberg the size of a skyscraper generates a colossal tidal wave,” Attenborough narrates in the clip, as you firsthand witness the effects of climate change. “Within 20 minutes, 75 million tons of ice break free. Glaciers have always released ice into the ocean, but now this is happening twice as fast as it did 10 years ago.”

“Around the world, ice is now feeding vast amounts of fresh water into the sea, raising sea levels, changing salinity, and disrupting ocean currents,” he continued.

Cool, David Attenborough. Cool, cool. Although it’s worth mentioning that not everyone sees the clip as a huge downer, as one YouTube commenter in particular noted that they have “eight joints pre-rolled!!!!” in anticipation of the new series.

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