Did You Know: Every Episode Of ‘Miami Vice’ Is On Netflix

05.29.14 5 years ago 24 Comments

We are currently in the deserted no man’s land between the 2013-14 TV schedule and the roll-out of the heavy hitters of summer programming, so this is the perfect time to sink your teeth into a show on Netflix. We’ve already given you 50 good options, and if you haven’t watched Orange Is the New Black please do so before the June 8 Season 2 premiere, but if you’re looking for a breezy, action-packed trip in the wayback machine, allow me to toss this out there: Every episode of Miami Vice is on Netflix.

And you know what? It still holds up. I mean, kind of. It holds up as well as any aggressively-of-its-time 30-year-old show can hold up, which, I swear is a compliment. Yes, Don Johnson spends the whole series running around in pastel t-shirts under white suits, and the bad guys are often VERY 1980s bad guys, but as far as the pacing and action go, the show could still fit in pretty well in a modern TV schedule. And it’s fun. Hoo boy, is it fun. Every episode features a Ferrari vs. Lamborghini car chase, or a suitcase full of money or drugs or both being presented to a well-dressed cartel boss, or a henchman getting thrown out the window of a South Beach highrise, or something else hilarious and awesome. It’s sort of like if Michael Bay made Justified, which, again, I swear is a compliment.

So, yes, watch Miami Vice. Again, or for the first time.

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