HBO Now September Highlights (Including The Final Season Of ‘The Deuce’ And More ‘Room 104’)

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September marks the return of some of HBO‘s most inventive shows. The network is bringing back The Deuce for a final wild ride as the porn industry heats up with the invention of VHS, and the Duplass brothers bring their signature brand of weird to subscribers with another season of Room 104. That, coupled with some blockbuster premieres and classic films, should keep fans busy binging this month.

Here’s everything coming to (and leaving) HBO this September.

The Deuce (season 3 premiere)

The gritty drama exploring ’70s-era New York City, and the bustling porn business that was born there, comes to an end this month with the premiere of its final season. Maggie Gyllenhaal returns as Eileen “Candy” Merrell as she takes her filmmaking talents to the next level when VHS provides a new avenue for erotic films to earn cashflow. The series jumps ahead to the ’80s, which means we’ll see plenty of drama around the HIV crisis, the real estate market boom, and the violent consequences of the cocaine epidemic.

Room 104 (season 3 premiere)

The Duplass brothers recruit a new group of famous faces to star in the third season of their creepy anthology series. The formula stays the same — we focus in on a non-distinct hotel room and play peeping tom to the strange happenings that go on there — but the new cast brings new storylines including estranged siblings reuniting a man battling a stomach-churning skin condition, and an exotic animal wrangler looking to make a sale.

Mary Queen of Scots

Saoirse Ronan and Margot Robbie star in this period drama that didn’t get much love from the Academy last year. Nevertheless, the performances are mesmerizing with Ronan playing the Scottish royal and Robbie playing Elizabeth I. The two women wield unheard of power with their feud fueling wars and political betrayal for years, but it’s their more personal relationship, and an unlikely comradery between them, that this movie seems to explore.

Theatrical Premieres:
Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase, 2019 (9/1)
Truth or Dare, 2018 (9/4)
Mary Queen of Scots, 2018 (9/7)
Welcome to Marwen, 2018 (9/14)
They Shall Not Grow Old, 2018 (9/17)
The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part, 2019 (9/21)
Isn’t It Romantic, 2019 (9/28)

Original Programming:
The Shop: Uninterrupted (9/3)
In the Shadow of the Towers: Stuyvesant High on 9/11 (9/11)
What Happened on September 11 (9/11)

Season Premieres:
The Deuce, Season 3 (9/9)
Room 104, Season 3 (9/13)

Season Finale:
Hard Knocks: Training Camp with the Oakland Raiders, Season Finale (9/3)
A Black Lady Sketch Show, Season 1 (9/6)

Ruta Viva, 2018 (9/1)
El Amor Menos Pensado (AKA An Unexpected Love), 2018 (9/6)
Más Sabe el Diablo por Viejo, 2018 (9/13)
Septimo (AKA 7th Floor), 2018 (9/20)
Perseguida (AKA Persecuted), 2018 (9/27)

Starting September 1:
127 Hours, 2010
Alfie, 2004
Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid, 2004
Anastasia, 1997
Boys and Girls, 2000
Cabin Fever (Director’s Cut), 2003
Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever (Extended Version), 2019
Catfish, 2010
The Darkest Hour, 2011
Frantic, 1988
Hail, Caesar!, 2016
How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, 2003
The Hurt Locker, 2009
I Love You Phillip Morris, 2010
Jem and the Holograms, 2015
The Killing Fields, 1984
Love Actually, 2003
Out of Sight, 1998
Resident Evil: Apocalypse, 2004
Robocop (Director’s Cut), 1987
Robocop 2, 1990
Robocop 3, 1993
The Rundown, 2003
The Spongebob Squarepants Movie, 2004
Thirteen Days, 2000
United 93, 2006
The Wizard, 1989

Ending September 5:
The Water Diviner, 2015

Ending September 22:
The Green Inferno, 2015

Ending September 25:
Suffragette, 2015

Ending September 27:
Just Wright, 2010

Ending September 30:
Annapolis, 2006
Beyond the Reach (Extended Version), 2015
Breaking In (Extended Version), 2018
Buried, 2010
The Client, 1994
Courage Under Fire, 1996
Deadpool 2 (Unrated and Deadpool 2: Once Upon a Deadpool Versions Available), 2018
Entrapment, 1999
Half Baked, 1998
Hellbound: Hellraiser II, 1988
The Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete, 2013
Jonah Hex, 2010
Mean Girls, 2004
Mr. Brooks, 2007
Psycho, 1998
Psycho II, 1983
Psycho III, 1986
Rampage, 2018
Splice, 2010
The Spy Next Door, 2010
Taps, 1981
Traffic, 2000
Uncle Drew, 2018
Weekend at Bernie’s, 1989
Where the Heart Is, 2000
The Wicker Man (Director’s Cut), 2006
Z for Zachariah, 2015