Here’s Everything New On Hulu For May 2019

04.16.19 3 months ago


Hulu ushers in the month of May with a new original series chock-full of A-listers and the final season of a beloved comedy series.

First up is the George Clooney-starring drama Catch-22, which follows the story of a young World War II bombardier trying to avoid serving on the front lines. Then Broad City returns for its fifth and final season as the girls move up and move on from the Big Apple. This month also marks the final chance to catch some classic faves like Little Miss Sunshine and Office Space before they leave the streaming platform.

Here’s everything coming to (and leaving) Hulu this May.


Catch-22 (5/17)
George Clooney, Kyle Chandler, and Christopher Abbott star in this re-telling of Joseph Heller’s classic novel. Abbot plays young recruit, Yossarian, a U.S. Air Force bombardier in World War II. Yossarian hopes to dodge having to serve in combat after the military ups the number of missions required before one’s service can be considered complete. He’s forced to face off against a truly sadistic colonel while fighting for his life on the front line.

Broad City: Season 5 (5/27)
Abbi and Ilana return for one more round of hijinks as Broad City comes to a close. The ladies confront the next stage of their friendship, as Abbi contemplates a big move and Ilana looks for a new roommate while returning to school. Of course, because this is Broad City, there are also orgies and toilet escapades and tearful goodbyes.

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