The Best New Netflix Shows Streaming This September

The Fall TV season officially starts with Netflix’s streaming lineup for September.

A host of returning favorites, including the final seasons of Lucifer, Money Heist, and Dear White People, drop this month, along with more comedies like Sex Education’s third season and the latest animated Netflix original Q-Force bringing the laughs. For anyone looking for some horror recs — we know, we’re ready for Halloween too — Mike Flanagan’s Midnight Mass looks sufficiently creepy.

Here are the best new shows coming to Netflix this September.

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Q-Force (streaming 9/2)

This new animated series from Netflix follows the story of Steve Maryweather (AKA Agent Mary) who’s a star of the American Intelligence Agency until he comes out of the closet. Forced to take a sh*t job in West Hollywood, Agent Mary assembles his own squad of Queer heroes, taking on cases that finally earn him some respect within the agency. As a reward for his good work, he’s saddled with every Gay’s worst nightmare — a straight white guy. Everyone from David Harbour to Wanda Sykes lends their voice to this wildly funny romp.

Lucifer: Season 6 (streaming 9/10)

We have it on good authority that this will be the true final season of the devilishly fun detective series and, as such, expect things to get even weirder and way more emotional. Plenty of bittersweet goodbyes, perhaps another musical number — there’s a lot to look forward to but the biggest question remains. How will the devil fare now that he’s playing God, and will Deckerstar get their HEA?

Sex Education: Season 3 (streaming 9/17)

A new school year at Moordale brings new characters, new relationships, and, hopefully, no new Chlamydia outbreaks. Jemima Kirke comes on board to play the school’s latest headmistress who has big plans for revamping the institution’s image. Meanwhile, Eric and Adam navigate their now-official romance, Otis starts having casual sex, Aimee discovers feminism (and vulva cupcakes) and Maeve’s lost voicemail is still out there somewhere.

Money Heist: Season 5 (streaming 9/3)

The end of the greatest heist in history is almost here. The first half of the show’s two-part finale drops this month and this crew of thieves is in really bad shape. Failed escape plans, the loss of one of their own, and a powerful new enemy all threaten to derail their getaway strategy.

The Circle: Season 3 (streaming 9/8)

A new season of this social-media-obsessed reality show lands on the streamer bringing a new crop of prospective catfish-ers and their gullible marks.

Dear White People: Season 4 (streaming 9/22)

The final season of this dramedy promises to be an Afro-futuristic and ’90s-inspired musical event that follows the students’ senior year at Winchester before jumping ahead to a post-pandemic future.

Midnight Mass (streaming 9/24)

The Haunting of Hill House creator Mike Flanagan delivers a new spine-chilling thriller with this story about an isolated island community thrown into chaos by the return of one of its own and the arrival of a mysterious priest. Zach Gilford plays a disgraced town member who returns home just as a newcomer, Father Paul, begins to exert his influence over the island. Strange miracles and a religious fervor grips the community, causing everyone to question their own beliefs and realities.