The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Actor Who Plays The Night King Has Opened Up About His Character’s Motivations


Warning: Game Of Thrones spoilers will be found below.

As a near-historic number of viewers are aware, the Night King is no more. Arya stuck him with the pointy end of Littlefinger’s sword, and the character who was written as the biggest bad of Westeros shattered into a zillion pieces. To mark the occasion, the actor who played him, Vladimír Furdík, is speaking out about the character’s motivations. Granted, we definitively learned a few episodes ago that his target was Bran, who declared that the Night King desired “[a]n endless night. He wants to erase this world, and I am its memory.” Still, why?

Furdik told Variety that there was a more clear-cut reason for the Night King’s undead crusade. In broad terms, he wanted “revenge.” More specifically, Furdik takes it back to the Children of the Forest and a justifiably salty Night King that never wanted to be that guy, who was feared for thousands of years and made to be so freaking cold. This checks out:

“Because somebody, many years ago, made some mistake and he became the Night King, and he didn’t want to be the Night King … He was like now I have a way to go to war. Now I kill everybody because you made me the Night King and made me live seven or 10 thousand years behind the wall in a cold country. He’s tired of living out there in the cold and the snow.”

Well, Dany’s dragons hated being in the cold temperatures as well after only a few hours, so it stands to reason that the Night King wanted to gain revenge over the icy, undead life to which he was doomed. Honestly, he was put out of his misery pretty easily, so perhaps he wanted to be taken out? That would sort-of explain his slow saunter toward Bran during his final moments. Or maybe that was simply for effect, to make him look more badass. Either way, the conflict comes down to the humans for the final three episodes of Thrones, and it’s anyone’s guess who ends up on the Iron Throne.

(Via Variety)