No Father’s Day Is Complete Without This Maury Povich Show Dance Compilation

This video is almost a year old and it has more than 218,000 views on YouTube, so there’s a chance that you’ve already watched it. However, because this is Father’s Day and I’m in the mood to celebrate the single greatest thing about procreation, we’re going to share it anyway. That greatest thing, of course, is Maury Povich’s paternity tests and the reactions that his guests have when the results are revealed on his show. Such reactions have helped spawn “Holy Maury Mother of God”, which is probably the greatest Tumblr page in existence, as well as countless YouTube clips that have been re-edited and remixed for our enjoyment, including this spectacular dance compilation that sets the greatest “You are NOT the father!” reactions to popular music.

I cannot stress enough how much this Maury guest brightens my day every time.