Norm Macdonald Steals The Show From Adam Sandler And His Comedy Buddies On ‘Conan’

Entertainment Writer
11.18.16 5 Comments

Adam Sandler is on the road with all his comedy pals for Netflix’s Here Comes The Funny tour. This includes Nick Swardson, David Spade, and Rob Schneider along the way and a slew of special guests like Tim Meadows and the fantastic Norm Macdonald. That’s an official title, of course, which Norm proves almost every time he’s on TV. His last time on Conan was weird and fun, forcing the host to lose it many times throughout the interview.

Thursday was more of the same, with Norm outshining Sandler and the rest of the group during a huge chat. Better yet, he did it all by just being the Norm that people know and love. Gracious, funny, kind, and much more. You get a lot of this in the first segment when he and Sandler are discussing their first movie together, Billy Madison. While it’s a lot to describe with words, he makes the entire chat worth it and really sells the story. I can’t really blame the other guys for not bringing top notch comedy after being on the road night after night, but there are a few moments in there.

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