Norm MacDonald Wins At Shaming Bret Easton Ellis Gloriously On Twitter

A few days ago notorious Twitter troll and bitter has-been Bret Easton Ellis took to Twitter to express his displeasure over Alice Munro being awarded the 2013 Nobel Prize for literature. He wrote: “Alice Munro was always an overrated writer and now that she’s won The Nobel she always will be. The Nobel is a joke and has been for ages…”

Naturally, this sparked some outrage, especially considering that the criticism was coming from the guy who wrote The Canyons, leading Ellis to backpedal a bit, saying that he felt he’d “beaten up Santa Claus.”

But of all the backlash his Munro-slamming tweet provoked, I don’t think anyone put Ellis in his place as expertly as Norm MacDonald, our new favorite Twitter user, did with a single tweet this morning.

As the kids say today, “BOOM, roasted!”

MacDonald went on to take a few more deliciously biting swipes at Ellis. These were among my personal favorites…

The Breaking Bad tweet reminded me of the time Ellis tweeted about wanting to bang Walter Jr. He really should be put in the Museum of Natural History with all the other dinosaurs.

(Ellis pic via Shutterstock. MacDonald pic via Getty Images.)