‘Obsessed’: Three Bingeworthy Shows And Talking ‘Upload’ With Andy Allo

Obsessed’s Britt Ellis and Taylour Chanel are back to talk about the one thing we’re all doing right now — binge-watching TV.

In the above video, Ellis and Chanel break down their affection for Dead To Me and Insecure before deep-diving into Amazon’s Greg Daniel created sci-fi comedy, Upload. This with the help of series star Andy Allo, who stops by to discuss some of her favorite parts from season one while offering some insight into the show’s brewing romance and glimpse at the future.

For Dead To Me, it’s the addictive cliffhangers and snackable binge-watching quality that has the Obsessed team hooked. That and Britt’s committed stan-dom of star Christina Applegate who, along with Linda Cardellini, powers the show as it focuses on the messiness of female friendships, the power of grief, and the importance of wine. Seriously, we cannot overstate how big of a role wine has on this show.

As for the fourth season of Insecure, even though Issa and Molly are on the outs, the ladies are loving the return of fan-favorite character Lawrence, Issa’s ex. The door might be open for a rekindling of their romance. At the very least, there’s a soft breeze, and with a fifth season already greenlit by HBO, both Ellis and Chanel think now’s the time for audiences to catch on to how damn good this comedy series really is.

Check out the video above for a deeper dive into the binge-worthy shows we’re obsessed with and our convo with Andy Allo.