A One-Limbed Teen Does His Best ‘Walking Dead’ Zombie Impression To Scare Strangers

Nick Santonastasso was born with one arm and no legs. But that wasn’t his biggest disadvantage in life: growing up in New Jersey was. He’s persevered, though, spending his days in the Zach Braffiest of states playing drums, hunting deer with his father, and scaring the gabagool out of strangers by pretending to be a zombie.

He’s so good at it, in fact, that his friends started a petition for Santonastasso to appear on The Walking Dead.

Nick has made the best out of his physical sistuation and it would great if he could work as a zombie on up coming walking dead episode. (Via)

I’d go one further: make him the zombie that eats CORAL. Then he’d be hailed as the hero he deserves to be.

(Via change.org)