Watch Oprah Winfrey And Jimmy Fallon Auto Tune Their Way Through This Classic Soap Opera

12.16.14 4 years ago

Getting Oprah Winfrey to come down off of her ivory tower to do an interview on a talk show that doesn’t bear her name is a special feat. Getting her to take part in a silly sketch where she’s forced to run across the stage multiple times must be something only Jimmy Fallon can manage, so he’s clearly full of something special.

This utilizes autotune to highlight the supposed “crazy” director behind Winfrey and Fallon’s classic soap opera, Midnight Meadows. The real reason had to have something to do with the very end, making fun of the classic Oprah car giveaways. That’s probably the only idea that came up when this was pitched and it doesn’t really need anything more than that. Well maybe one thing:

(Via The Tonight Show)

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