Oscar Isaac And Jessica Chastain’s Real-Life Spouses Are Being Called The MVPs Of ‘Scenes From A Marriage’

In HBO’s Scenes from a Marriage, Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain play a married couple whose relationship begins to crumble over the course of six episodes. Both on the show and in real life, the performers have incredible chemistry, as seen in this viral red carpet moment and during the sex scene in Sunday’s episode. It’s an emotionally and physically vulnerable moment between two fictional characters — and two real-life performers who have known each other since they attended Juilliard together.

“I started out working with Al Pacino and Brad Pitt, so we’re setting the bar pretty high. I always try to work with people who are better than me. Oscar is like that. I can’t be lazy or just show up,” Chastain once said about her A Most Violent Year co-star, who added, “Talent is very hot.” Also hot: literally every photo and video clip of them together.

Isaac and Chastain are giving Emmy-worthy performances on Scenes From a Marriage, but if you asked Twitter, the show’s real MVPs are their spouses. He’s been married to director Elvira Lind since 2017 (her short film starring Isaac, The Letter Room, was nominated for Best Live Action Short Film at the 2021 Oscars), while Chastain got hitched to “Italian hunk” Gian Luca Passi de Preposulo also in 2017. Coincidence? Probably, but I would love an Eli and Peyton-style reaction breakdown of Scenes From a Marriage with their partners. Especially after last night’s episode.