It Sure Looks Like Oscar Isaac’s ‘Moon Knight’ Fight-Training Is Coming Along In A New Video

Oscar Isaac, or even Marvel for that matter, has yet to officially confirm his casting as Moon Knight for the upcoming Disney+ series, but the actor just dropped a pretty big sign that he’s bringing the classic comic hero to life. In a new Instagram video shared by his production company, Mad Gene Media, a surprisingly acrobatic Isaac can be seen working on his fighting moves while training at the Brooklyn Zoo gymnastic center. Considering Isaac is one of the busiest actors in Hollywood, the fight training could be for any number of projects. However, the Instagram caption includes the hashtag #TheOneYouSeeComing, which is a direct reference to Warren Ellis and Declan Shalvey’s Moon Knight run.

You can see Isaac training for Moon Knight below:

Giving a nod to the Ellis and Shalvey run is an interesting development considering their story-line featured a more vigilante-style version of the character, who also changed up his outfits and methods depending on which of his shattered personalities was in charge at the moment, which jibes with the official announcement for the upcoming series. Via Marvel:

The Marvel Studios original series for Disney+ centers on the character Marc Spector aka Moon Knight, a complex vigilante who suffers from dissociative identity disorder. These multiple identities who live inside him are distinct characters in the series and will appear against a backdrop of Egyptian iconography.

Ethan Hawke, despite his harsh thoughts on superhero films, has also joined the series, and he recently told The Ringer’s The Watch podcast that his decision was entirely based on a chance to work with Isaac.

“I like what he’s doing with his life,” Hawke said. “He reminds me of the actors, when I first arrived at New York, that I looked up to. Oscar’s younger than me, and I like the way he carries himself, and I like the way he thinks. And in general, good things happen when you’re in the room with people that you like the way they think, right?”

(Via Mad Gene Media on Instagram)

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