Steve Martin, Martin Short, And Selena Gomez Were Courted To Host The Oscars, But Shooting Conflicts Got In The Way

The Oscars are about a month-and-a-half away and things are still up in the air. We know that after three years without a host (partially thanks to the Kevin Hart mishegoss), they’re bringing them back. In fact, the plan is to split the job across three people. Right now the tentative, not-quite-locked-down plan is to make those three hosts Amy Schumer, Regina Hall, and Wanda Sykes. But they weren’t the only ones courted. Indeed, the show almost went with three fan favorites but couldn’t due to scheduling conflicts.

Those three are no less than Steve Martin, Martin Short, and Selena Gomez. Together, they’re the snooping trio on Only Murders in the Building, the Hulu show where one SNL alum, one longtime SNL frequent host, and a pop singer and actress who has incredible chemistry with them make a nuisance of themselves in their Dakota-esque Upper West Side apartment building.

The show’s a hit — and therein lies the problem. In a New York Times piece delving into the race of this year’s Oscars host (in a bit teased out by Film Updates), the three are among those cited as being courted by the show’s producers. Alas, they’re busy filming the show’s second season and can’t be bothered. Still, maybe next year.

Other names were dropped. Jon Hamm was in talks to play host, but he pulled out of negotiations over the weekend. Previous hosts were contacted, such as Chris Rock and [drum roll] Martin himself, presumably solo, before they realized they should nab Short and Gomez while they were at it.

In the meantime, the world will probably get Schumer, Hall, and Sykes, who will likely be formally announced on Tuesday morning.

(Via NYT and Film Updates)