Pamela Anderson Is Standing Firm On Her Allegation Of Tim Allen Flashing Her On The Set Of ‘Home Improvement’

Despite seeming to soften her allegation that Tim Allen flashed her on the set of Home Improvement, Pamela Anderson has doubled down on the accusation by addressing Allen’s subsequent denial. While continuing to promote her new memoir and documentary, the model/actress said that the Home Improvement star had no choice but to say the whole thing never happened thanks to the #MeToo movement.

“He has to deny it because look at the times we’re in,” Anderson reportedly told ET Canada via Page Six. “If he said, ‘Oh yeah, I did that…’ he’d be — a lot of these stories are just the tip of the iceberg.”

Anderson’s recent comments are an interesting development as this story has taken a few turns. The allegations were first spotted in her memoir by Variety who reported on them back in January:

“On the first day of filming, I walked out of my dressing room, and Tim was in the hallway in his robe. He opened his robe and flashed me quickly — completely naked underneath. He said it was only fair, because he had seen me naked. Now we’re even. I laughed uncomfortably,” according to an excerpt in “Love, Pamela,” which Variety has obtained ahead of the book’s Jan. 31 release.

Allen immediately denied the allegation and said in a statement, “No, it never happened. I would never do such a thing.” In a later interview with Variety, Anderson seemingly softened the situation. “Tim is a comedian, it’s his job to cross the line. I’m sure he had no bad intentions,” she wrote in a text. “Times have changed, though. I doubt anyone would try that post #MeToo. It’s a new world.”

Allen would later deny the allegations again in a comment to the Daily Mail and he wasn’t shy about invoking both ABC and Disney . “She was a great co-worker, I’ll tell you that,” Allen said. “She’s a fun girl. Everybody loved her, but everybody at ABC is a little disappointed in her memory, put it that way. All of us at Disney [and] ABC, really.”

That brings us to Anderson’s latest interview, and clearly, she’s sticking to her story.

(Via Page Six)